Q: Is FRITZ a real person?
A: FRITZ is a comic character representing a lot of qualities of Fritz Hasselbach, who was the inspiration for FRITZ. Fritz Hasselbach was born in 1946 in Nackenheim, Germany and graduated from the Fachhochschule Wiesbaden, University of Applied Sciences in Geisenheim, Germany. Together with his wife Agnes he inherited the succesful winery of Gunderloch 25 years ago. Fritz Hasselbach has three children and one grandchild.

Q: Where is Nackenheim?

A: You will find it on the map.

Q: FRITZsRIESLING grows at „Roter Hang“. What does that mean and what is so special about it?
A: FRITZ´s RIESLING grows in a very small and special part of Rheinhessen called the „Roter Hang“, which means the „red hill“. It is located between the village of Nackenheim and the village of Nierstein 20 kilometers south of the city of Mainz.
The characteristic name of this area is ascribable to its red slate soil. The red color comes from a high portion of minerals in the soil. All our vinyards are located in this „roter Hang“ Area. In addition the vinyards are very close to the river Rhein, they are facing south-east and they have steep slopes.
The combination of those four factors: the red slate soil, the closeness to the river, the exponation to the sun and the steepness of the vinyards are the perfect combination to produce a special wine like FRITZ´s RIESLING.

Q: Can you explain what the perfect Riesling climate is?

A: The Perfect Riesling climate consists of warm and sunny days as well as cold nights. The grapes benefit from the sunshine to develop their flavor and at the same time they benefit from the low temperatures at night to keep their acidity.
Furthermore the combination of steep slopes, the closeness to the river Rhein and the red slate soil create a perfect microclimate enfavoring the production of high quality wines like FRITZ´s RIESLING.

Q: Is FRITZ´s RIESLING a Cuvée and what does this mean?
A: FRITZ´s RIESLING is a blend of different Riesling vinyardsites which are all located in the „Roter Hang“ Area. By using the grapes from different vinyards we can provide our customers the same high quality and great taste every year.

Q: How can I become a member in FRITZ´s Club?
A: Registrierung zum Newsletter o.ä.

Q: Where can I buy FRITZ´s RIESLING?

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